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Constitutional Rights:
Tom understands that Law Enforcement is about keeping our community safe so that we can enjoy our freedom. As a Member of the NRA, Tom is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and believes that every American has the right to privacy and the rule of law. Tom will fight to preserve our constitutional rights as your Sheriff from those who would try to take them away.

Law Enforcement Coordination and Cooperation:
There is a great need for collaboration and communication between the Eaton County Sheriff's Office and other police agencies. I pledge to remove the barriers the current Sheriff has created between our Sheriff's Office and our local police departments and the Michigan State Police. Positive inter-agency relationships will create a stronger law enforcement network in our county which effectively shares valuable information and resources to make our communities safer.

Pro-Active Public Safety:
As your next Sheriff, Tom Reich will identify area crime patterns and safety risks to our communities, and establish pro-active strategies to ensure public safety, because Tom knows that Law enforcement must always stay a step ahead of criminals. Tom will implement best work practices in Eaton County, by creating a system to verify and monitor jail inmate's work release employment, as the other competent area Sheriffs have systematically done. The current Sheriff failed to implement this type of programming until after the brutal murder of two of our citizens by an Eaton County Jail Inmate. The current lack of action is unacceptable; Tom has a plan and the experience to improve safety and security for our families and communities in Eaton County.

Press Releases:

  Create an environment that is effective and efficient by establishing, implementing and enforcing policies and procedures for administrative services, uniformed division and corrections.
#2:  Evaluate the effectiveness and consistent application of all county-wide programs. This will include:

  • Analyzing current county-wide community policing programs, to identify needs and institute necessary changes of the department’s overall operational plan.
  • Study the overall effectiveness of the Victim/Witness Unit and if necessary restructure the program and/or command. Actively seek volunteers.
  • Support and restructure the Sheriff’s Mounted Division.

#3:  Create a diversity training program for department staff. Evaluate the current hiring practice of qualified applicants.
#4:Develop a well-check program with Eaton County senior citizens and people with disabilities to ensure their safety and welfare. Become involved with senior citizen groups and retirement homes to develop meaningful programs that would benefit their well being.
#5:  Work at reducing serious injury and fatal accidents in the county by developing a proactive traffic enforcement plan.
#6:  Develop a highly effective proactive community based correction program. Improve working relationships with the Prosecutors Office, Probation Department, and both courts to become an effective team to ensure the development of quality correction programs.
#7:  Create a new committee that will improve current and develop innovative educational programs within the correction facility.
#8:  Assign a school liaison officer to work closely with other local jurisdictions to: 

  • Continuously work on effective programs that would deter youths from using drugs and alcohol. 
  • include a proactive program that will deter domestic violence, hate crimes, etc… in our schools.
  • Include a proactive program that will address domestic violence, hate crimes, etc… in our schools.
  • Establish an Internet safety program to identify, locate, and arrest on line-predators.

#9: Establish a hands-on leadership program, overseeing essential activities of the department and the people performing these services.
#10: Maximize the use of technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the Sheriff’s department staff and programs.
#11: Meet monthly with township government officials to gain a greater understanding of their law enforcement issues and implement strategies to better serve them.
#12: Actively seek out private and public financing for the construction of a training facility for staff that would house an indoor shooting range with class room settings.
#13: Develop a Jail Utilization Coordinating Committee to regularly monitor jail population, structuring alternatives to achieve solutions to future overcrowding.
#14:  Establish new innovative techniques in all areas of law enforcement, eliminating band-aid solutions to problem areas. Newly created and current programs must have a measurable value, must be efficient and be successful to all involved.
#15: Continue active administration in the oversight of the current position assigned to the Tri-County Metro Narcotics Squad. Analyze reports, conduct drug activity investigations and evaluate the unit’s objectives to determine if Eaton County is benefiting with this assignment.
#16: Establish a county wide multi-jurisdiction committee within Eaton County, where law enforcement agencies would discuss criminal activity, solutions and mutual emergency contingencies. Develop and implement effective programs to address prevention of re-occurrences of discussed issues.

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